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Pastors Rod and Kay Kincaid pioneered Echoes of Calvary Church in 1995.  EOC began in their home then quickly moved into the local community center for a year before moving to its current location in Anderson, California.

Years ago the Lord put in the heart of Pastor Rod that he was to preach with the purpose of revealing the Lord Jesus.  If you listen to the sermons which are archived on this site you will see that he has been steady in this cause.  Many ministries today are shifting the focus onto the cultural significance of Jesus or only the proverbial qualities of what he said.  Pastor Rod in converse has determined to reveal Jesus not as a cultural icon but as the Lord Almighty, Everlasting Father and the God of Glory.

The apostolic heart of Pastor Rod can be seen clearly in the young ministers that have been and are being developed under his ministry.  It is the vision of our Pastors to take these ministries once developed and plant churches as extensions of the greater Echoes of Calvary body with the focus of lifting up the Lord Jesus.

Great Parents make Great Pastors and this is certainly true of Pastor Rod and Kay.  Always steady, unchanged by circumstances, in everything looking to Jesus was the function and format of their home and this has been how they have lead in the church.   There are always challenges to our faith, times of testing in which we can see the makeup of the inward man.  This was the case in early January 2012.  Kay had been suffering for several months with what was thought to be back pain.  She had lost mobility in the left side of her body and finally went to the Doctor for what was thought to be a simple in and out operation on her upper back. As the family sat in the ER room waiting for her admittance into the hospital, for the simple back procedure the next day, devastating news was delivered. “Kay has a massive brain tumor” said the ER Doctor.  When he walked out of the room with no further information it was as if a bomb had been dropped.  The family was blindsided bya totally unexpected report but their faith was proven strong and steadfast.  Pastor Rod leaned over Kay and prayed “Jesus we have always trusted and lived for you and we will keep living for you.”  It is exactly this type unfazed and deliberate faith that has drawn the admiration and respect of the church body.  The good report is that Kay is 100% recovered through the mighty hand of God.

One of the blessings of years of serving the Lord is that all of their Children, their children’s spouse and all of their grandchildren are active and invested in the work of the church body at Echoes of Calvary.  Their Son Rodney Kincaid and his wife Carrie serve as the associate pastors.  Their Daughter Heather and her husband Austen Phillips work as the outreach directors and Park Pastors.  Their Daughter Holleigh and her husband Chad Engel served for many years as the youth pastor.  The future heritage lies in their grandchildren 4 of which are boys; Rodney, Parker, Presten and Jaxon.  They also have 4 granddaughters; Rylei, Kayten, Raegan and Ellie.

Associate Pastor

Rodney and Carrie Kincaid serve as the Associate Pastors at Echoes of Calvary. It is their focus to support the Senior Pastor’s vision and leadership as they work as under-shepherds.
Carrie played an instrumental part in establishing a home-school study group which meets at the church 4 days a week for prayer, devotion and education. In the inaugural year there are 15 students from k-8th grade who are all excelling in academics as well as their pursuit of Jesus.
Rodney works in the mindset of his father. Whether in preaching or as Worship Director his vision is to see Jesus glorified and exalted to his rightful role.

Park Church Pastors

Heather and Austen serve as the Park Church pastors for Echoes of Calvary. God has raised them up to be examples of leadership in helping the needy. Austen has a huge heart for each person they minister to at the park. Heather serves in worship, teaching and secretary duties in the church.
Their faithfulness to their ministry and their desire to see Jesus change lives is unmatched.

















Chris and Sandy Larson
Youth Pastors

Rod and Regina Sherrill
Young Adults Pastors






















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