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Echoes of Calvary is unlike almost any other church you might attend.  The structure of what we believe has been established by fundamental biblical truths that are discovered and reinforced within the framework of the original languages of the scripture.  Many churches are afraid to ever rock the boat of accepted theological thought and therefore choose to remain close to the canonical creeds and dogmas of orthodoxy.  Many would say that we are unorthodox because we refuse to abide by the theological parameters set by Catholic church founders some 200 years after Christ.  This is true.  We have made a clear choice to let go of tradition and embrace the true “logos”, logic and reason, of the scriptures.

As a result of this perspective we have landed upon a new term to describe what we believe.  SOLOTHEISTIC!  Monotheism allows for a plurality of persons within a supposed singular deity.  Solotheism on the other hand states that there is one God and only one God, Alone!  This one is the one who is above all and through all and in you all.  This one is the one in whom we live move and have our being.  In this one we find all the fullness of Deity.   In this singular person we find both father and son.

We make a clear statement with our preaching, teaching, and writings that this one is Jesus.  There is no other person or disclosure of God and he is the one we declare.

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  1. Kristal Frazier says:

    Sounds great and all, however after searching the site I have yet to find service times.

  2. Garrey Morford says:

    Why is all the recordings of sermons “not available”?

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